Deals roundup: Oppo Find 7 and Find 7a almost half price plus more great offers

If a USB is certainly wished by you Type-C connector, however, the OnePlus 2 is your just smartphone option currently. This will soon become the standard for Android handsets and the OnePlus 2 may be the first handset to accommodate one. The problem with being the initial, though, is definitely that USB Type-C cables aren’t easy to come by – don’t be prepared to find one lying around at a friend’s home if your OnePlus 2 runs out of charge.

If the invite system for investing in a OnePlus One has put you off or just eluded you until now, there’s good news at hand. To celebrate the 1st birthday of the OnePlus One, OnePlus has officially renounced the invite system for the OnePlus One. All regions, all devices, at this time; no more waiting, no more invites, permanently. While this alone is great news, you may now be asking yourself: what does this mean for the OnePlus Two?

To include some spice to the pay-what-you-need scheme, there’s a leaderboard of the most generous buyers. If you beat the common price paid, you’ll get two extra programs – Git Complete and Learn Cloud Processing with AWS. If you enter the leader board at any point, you’ll be entered into a special giveaway to win a MonoRover R2 ‘Hoverboard’. In the event that you appear at the top of the leaderboard at any point, you’ll get five entries into the giveaway.

As the world’s first smartphone built with 4 GB of RAM and a 64-bit chip (a quad-primary Intel Atom clocked at 2.3 GHz), the Zenfone 2 specs are quite impressive on paper. In practice too, the presence of this hardware package makes short work of all but the most demanding processes, although the processor is nowehre near simply because powerful as many other high-end chips. Multitasking, however, is a breeze and the overall responsiveness is very quick and fluid.

The microphone and loudspeaker for calling are great in both directions. Call quality on the Zenfone 2 speaker is sharp and very clear and the same holds true when receiving a call from the Zenfone 2 (although it’s hard to gauge the microphone quality without being entirely dependant on the speaker quality of the telephone receiving the call). Audio recordings produce solid results though, which reinforces the experience when receiving phone calls from the Zenfone 2.

Both devices run on Android 4.4.4 with the latest version of TouchWiz, similar to the one launched with the Galaxy S5, and also have extra features focused on the S Pen. Samsung acquired already produced some significant improvements to the S Pen interface on the Galaxy Take note 3, and it has been taken a step further once more with the 2014 era of devices. In our various tests we found that the handwriting recognition was much better than that of the Take note 3 and were impressed by the other options provided this time around.